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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we teach history?

History also teaches us how to learn from the mistakes of others. History helps us understand change and societal development. History provides us a context from which to understand ourselves and others. All good and valid reasons to teach history to our children. History should be taught for all those things and more.

Why should you study history?

Studying history is important to provide people with a sense of the past. This allows people to understand how cultural, social and societal values developed differently. Though the study of history and in learning about the past, people are better able to understand how the present came to be.

What is civilization definition for kids?

Kids Definition of civilization. 1 : an advanced stage (as in art, science, and government) in the development of society. 2 : the way of life of a people Greek civilization. 3 : all the societies of the world the end of civilization.

Which statements accurately define history?

"History is a narration of the events which have happened among mankind, including an account of the rise and fall of nations, as well as of other great changes which have affected the political and social condition of the human race." (John Jacob Anderson) "History is not what you thought. It is what you remember.

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