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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an extended warranty for my hhgregg product?

To spare yourself from running into a dead-end researching, check the extended warranty options below: HHgregg states that you should do the following if you want to file a warranty claim: To request warranty service, you can call Warrantech at (817) 785-6601 or (800) 833-8801.

How do I contact H&G customer service?

If you need help with your order, have an inquiry, or need additional assistance, please contact Customer Service by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 732-357-1875. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service. We’d like to hear about your shopping experience- what we’ve done well and what we could have done better.

Are the extended service plans affected by hhgregg's Chapter 11 filing?

The extended service plans were underwritten and issued by Warrantech, and are not affected by HHGregg's chapter 11 filing. Please consult the documents provided relative to the service plan or warranty should you require service.

What is the contact information for Warrantech?

The contact information for Warrantech is: The Premium Service Plans purchased prior to October 31, 2010, issued by NEWAsurion, are not affected by HHGregg's chapter 11 filing. Please call 1-866-536-4312 if your product requires service.

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