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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I call to fix my water heater?

If your water heater stops working suddenly, it’s best to contact a plumber first. Most plumbers have enough knowledge to repair the problem and they are slightly cheaper than calling out an electrician. Plumbers are able to install electric wiring, heating elements and piping.

Should I repair or replace my water heater?

As a general guideline, you should replace a hot water heater when it’s 10 years old to receive the benefits of greater efficiency. Not only will you save on energy bills, but you’ll avoid the risk of a flood from a corroded heater – not to mention the domestic disaster of running out of hot water in the middle of a shower.

Does my heat pump need a heating repair?

Your Heat Pump Needs Frequent Repairs Even though a well-maintained heat pump lasts longer and works better than one that hasn't received regular maintenance, if it needs frequent repairs, then it's time to replace it. Over time, your heating and cooling system sustains wear and tear that usually takes time off the length of its service life.

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