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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the heater work at home?

Both heating and air conditioning work on the principle that heat always moves from a warm object to a cooler one, just as water flows from a higher to a lower level. Furnaces and heaters put heat into the air to make your home warmer; air conditioners remove heat to make your home cooler.

Why is my furnace not working?

If your heat is not working, the first thing to do is figure out why. In most cases, the cause of a furnace heating system not working is actually a malfunctioning thermostat or a tripped breaker (or blown fuse), and not a problem with the furnace itself.

Are heat pump water heaters right for your home?

The clear advantage of a heat pump hot water heater is that it will save energy and improve your Home Energy Score . This type of hot water heater is 2-3x more efficient than a conventional storage tank hot water heater run by electricity, according to the Department of Energy, and it's estimated that the annual savings for a family of four ...

Can I heat my house with a water heater?

If you are using baseboard or cast iron radiators to heat your house, they usually require 160-180 deg F water temperatures. Although some water heaters can go to 180 deg F, there are many pressure and temperature issues with these high temperatures.

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