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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the 2012 Chrysler Powerstroke's heater problems?

There is a problem with some 2012 Chrysler vehicles where sludge is forming in the cooling system causing the heater core to first plug on half of it and over time if the radiator is not replaced it will clog or more sludge can break loose and clog the new heater core.

What was wrong with the Chrysler 200 in 2012?

The Chrysler 200’s drivetrain was a mess with an underperforming engine and a gear-hunting transmission. According to Car Complaints, the Chrysler 200 from 2012 is the worst version to buy. The 2012 Chrysler 200 is known for one big heater malfunction. Drivers reported that the heat on the passenger side stopped working completely.

Which side of the car does the heater work on Chrysler 200?

The heater only works on the driver side. The other side blows cold air. Now if Chrysler is The One who put the stuff in the radiator should they not be responsible…  read more camerontech 20 year experience diagnostic technician class a 1,929 satisfied customers Chrysler 200: My wife's 2011 chrysler 200 is experiencing what

Why is the heater not working on my 2013?

No heat/temperature change? My 2013 is having issues with the heater not working. I've read that it could be the heater core. My mechanic friend said that both lines running into the firewall are getting hot so he doesn't think the heater core is plugged up. He thinks it an actuator that is not changing the temperature setting.

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