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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pressure valve in a water heater?

Pressure-relief valves are an essential component of tankless water heaters. The valves allow you to manually release air from the heating chamber when filling the chamber with water for the first time, or during periodic maintenance. The pressure relief valve is similar to an emergency stop valve.

How do you fix a water heater relief valve?

If you do try to fix it, here are the basic steps involved: First, turn off the gas to the water heater, or flip the breaker if it’s electric. Close the cold water cut-off valve going into the water heater. Open the valve at the bottom and the pressure relief valve for a minute to drain a little water out of the tank and relieve the pressure.

How do you install pressure relief valve?

Pressure-release valves are installed after the heater is mounted in place and the water lines are connected. Wrap two layers of vinyl plumber's tape around the threads on the pressure-release valve. Wrap the tape in the direction the threads screw into the port on the water heater for the best results.

What causes a water heater's relief valve to discharge water?

Reasons for water discharging from the relief valve. When you see water coming out from the water heater release valve, there are two most likely causes. The relief valve is working the way it's intended, and water drained to reduce the pressure inside the tank. There's a problem with the valve, such as a faulty seal , and the water is unintentionally leaking. Both circumstances should be taken very seriously. If the relief valve is needed frequently, that means there's an issue with ...

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