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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a pressure decay test work?

In simplest terms, the pressure decay test fills a pressure vessel with air until it reaches its target pressure, cuts the air source to isolate the pressure, and measures the decay (loss) of that pressure over a set period of time; any loss in pressure indicates a leak.

How do you test for pressure decay on a Janitrol heater?

Pressure Decay Tester (PDT) Setup:To conduct the pressure decay test, the heater must be sealed at all openings into the combustion chamber assembly. This includes the combustion air inlet tube, combustion air pressure switch connection (on Janitrol), fuel drain and exhaust tube.

How accurate is a pressure decay leak test?

Pressure Decay Leak Test Accuracy In most instances, the smallest pressure change that can be detected via pressure decay test is 0.1 Pa/0.001 mbar/0.0000145 psi. Temperature variations can affect accuracy.

What is the sensitivity of the pressure decay method?

The sensitivity of the pressure decay method is a function of the test part’s size and the test time. Most tests can be performed rather quickly, with highly accurate results, but the larger the part, the longer the cycle time that is required to achieve an accurate test result. Sensitive enough to detect very small leaks

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