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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of an immersion heater element?

Parts of an Immersion Heater. When examining an immersion heater, there are certain elements that have to be closely observed. They include: Sheath material; Power density; Wattage; Enclosure; Temperature range; Heating element; Each of these factors are discussed below. Sheath Material

What is a heater made from?

Heating elements for high-temperature furnaces are often made of exotic materials, including platinum, tungsten disilicide / molybdenum disilicide, molybdenum ( vacuum furnaces) and silicon carbide. Silicon carbide igniters are common in gas ovens. Laser heaters are also being used for achieving high temperatures.

What are the parts of an electric water heater?

Components of a Water Heater. Electric and gas water heaters have a number of components in common, including the drain valve, the TPR valve, an internal anode rod, dip tube and pipes and fittings for hot water and overflow/pressure relief.

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