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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace valve cover gasket?

If you were recommended a valve cover gasket because it was leaking, just make sure that the fastener seals are also replaced. If not, they are guaranteed to go next. As far as any other components go, if they are attached to the valve cover in any way, you should likely consider replacing those seals as well.

Is my heater core leaking?

One of the symptoms of a leaking heater core is wet carpet on the passenger side of the vehicle where the heater core is most often located. Another common symptom is that the windshield fogs up when you use the defroster. It might even leave an oily film on the windshield and smell like coolant when you activate the defroster.

What is a thermostat housing gasket?

These housings hold the thermostat that regulates the flow of coolant through the engine and radiator. They are typically made of a plastic composite, aluminum, pot metal, or other similar materials. A fiber gasket will typically be used to connect the thermostat housing to the block or intake manifold,...

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