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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace a gas heater?

The national average cost of a standard efficiency natural gas furnace ranges from $2,150 to $5,900 with most homeowners paying around $3,100. The price may vary based on brand, complexity of install, and the efficiency of the new unit.

How much does a gas hot water heater cost?

A gas hot water heater is a single-unit device, which makes it quite easy for the consumer to obtain and compare prices among the different manufacturers. Four of the top manufacturers of gas hot water heaters are GE, Kenmore, Rheem and Whirlpool. Generally, a gas hot water heater will cost approximately $510 to $661 per unit.

Are gas water heaters better than electric?

Generally, gas water heaters are known to cost less than their electric counterparts when it comes to heating water. Gas is simply more efficient as it heats faster and uses less energy while doing so, compared to an electric unit.

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