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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major signs of a bad heater core?

4 Major Signs Of A Bad Heater Core To Know Right Now! Pungent Smell In Car. Odd smell in your car is one of the major signs of a bad heater core. ... Leaking Coolant. Another big sign of damaged heater core is leakage of radiator fluid inside and outside of the car. ... Foggy Windows. Foggy windows are also one of the top signs of a bad heater core. ... Cooling System Failure. ... Other possible culprits. ...

How dangerous is a leaking heater core?

If your heater core is leaking, you're losing engine coolant . The engine must remain full of coolant to prevent overheating. So, you can do the math: a leaking heater core may cause engine overheating. Sudden fogging and your car overheating are serious problems that may cause harm to both you and your vehicle.

How can I fix a leaking heater core?

The best way to fix a heater core leak may be to simply replace the part with a new unit. There are products that can be added to the cooling system to temporarily plug leaks, but they may end up clogging coolant ports and radiator tubes as well. It may also be possible to have your existing heater core repaired after it has been removed.

How do you Know Your heater core is leaking?

The likely reason you can’t find a leak is because the coolant is escaping when the system is cold and dripping right into your cabin. To confirm this, check the passenger side floor for moisture. Your heater isn’t working. Another glaring sign of a bad heater core is a simple lack of heat.

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