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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bypass a heater core?

Use a hose connector or hose coupler to attach the two ends of hose together. That way, the anti-freeze that would be routed through the heater core will instead just go through a short loop of tubing. You can buy hose connectors or hose couplers in a hose repair kit at any auto supply store.

What are the symptoms of a clogged heater core?

Symptoms Of Blocked Radiator: Poor Internal Heating : A clogged cooling system and heater core could lead to lack of heat inside the vehicle due to the inability of the hot engine coolant to pass through the heater core. Leakages : The cooling fins of the radiator can develop corrosion due to contaminated radiator fluid,...

Will Stop Leak fix a heater core?

If the rust has opened only a small hole in the heater core, adding stop leak to the radiator may plug the leak for some time.On the Other: Ineffective for Large LeaksEven in the best of circumstances, radiator stop leak is meant to be a temporary fix for leaking radiators and heater cores.

How do you fix a heater core leak?

The best way to fix a heater core leak may be to simply replace the part with a new unit. There are products that can be added to the cooling system to temporarily plug leaks, but they may end up clogging coolant ports and radiator tubes as well. It may also be possible to have your existing heater core repaired after it has been removed.

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