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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does air conditioner have a heat pump?

An air conditioner produces heat in order to provide cooling. A heat pump works instead by transferring heat from the air back and forth, from inside your home to the outside without producing heat, thus using less energy.

What is the best HVAC system?

HEIL Air Conditioners. Heil HVAC is another one of the best air conditioner brands that doesn’t get as much love as they should. This AC brand’s tech allows different heating and cooling components send information and synchronize performance, becoming more energy efficient and reliable overall.

What is an air conditioner and how does it work?

The air conditioner sucks air into the ducts through a vent. This air is used to cool gas in the evaporator, and as the heat is removed from the air, it’s cooled. Ducts then blow air back into the house. This process continues until the inside air of your home or business reaches the desired temperature.

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