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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of headlines?

Propaganda. The most common type of propaganda headlines are false equivalency, red herring, and whataboutism. These headlines often will appear to make incomparable objects equal, conduct irrelevant analogies and tangents away from a hidden kernel in the headline, or deflect blame from a third-party within the headline.

What does make headlines mean?

The definition of "make headlines" is: to do something that gets put on the news. The financial crisis in 2008 will continue to make headlines in 2009. After the skiers were rescued from the mountain after 8 days, their story made headlines in all the local newspapers. The strong winter weather is making headlines around the world.

What are news headlines?

head·line / ˈhedˌlīn/ • n. a heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine: a front-page headline. ∎ (the headlines) the most important items of news in a newspaper or in a broadcast news bulletin: issues that are never long out of the headlines.

What is behind the headlines?

Behind the Headlines provides an unbiased and evidence-based analysis of health stories that make the news. The service is intended for both the public and health professionals, and endeavours to: explain the facts behind the headlines and give a better understanding of the science that makes the news,...

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