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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best airline for Hawaii?

The best airlines for flights to Hawaii is in flux. Of course it will in large part depend on where you are traveling from. The two primary choices for cheap flights to Hawaii from west coast cities have been and remain Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

Does Hawaiian Airlines have senior discounts?

Now that Hawaiian Airlines also lowered the age level from 65 to 60 on its fares from the West Coast to Hawaii, it gives the carrier a two-year advantage over other carriers on senior rates to Hawaii. All offer a 10% senior discount. (Aloha Airlines does not provide service from the West Coast.)

What is Hawaiian Airlines phone number?

Phone Number of Hawaiian Airlines is 1-877-426-4537 . Hawaiian airlines is a Hawaii based flag carrier airline that covers more than 28 destinations across the United States, Australia, Asia and Pacific. It is one of the biggest commercial airlines in the United States in terms of fleet size.

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