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Frequently Asked Questions

Is traveling to Hawaii safe?

Hawaii is generally safe from crime, notes the Frommer's travel website, though the Hawaiian environment can pose safety concerns for travelers unaware of its dangers. Wildlife and volcanic conditions might pose threats and Hawaii's rough waters can cause injury if caution is not used on the beaches.

What documents are needed to travel to Hawaii?

Though U.S. citizens and legal residents don’t need a passport to travel to Hawaii, a government-issued photo identification is required for adult travelers age 18 and older. A couple of examples of government-issued photo identification include driver’s license and passport.

Is Hawaii closed for travel?

Hawaii is not closed. The islands will welcome your visit-- after October 31st. Do not be "clickbait."

Is Hawaii safe for tourists?

Although tourist areas are generally safe, visitors should always stay alert, even in laidback Hawaii (and especially in Waikiki). If you’re in doubt about which neighborhoods are safe, the island tourist office can advise you. Avoid deserted areas, especially at night.

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