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Frequently Asked Questions

What is homeowners exemption in Hawaii?

Hawaii Home Exemption Law. The home exemption law was enacted in 1896 by the Republic of Hawaii to provide tax relief, encourage home ownership. In 1896, the exemption amount was $300. There is a $100 minimum real property tax.

What is the homestead exemption in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, the homestead exemption applies to real property, including one’s home or condominium. You must reside in the property. The homestead exemption also applies to proceeds from the sale of a house for up to six months after the sale.

What is penalty for filing homestead exemption?

Failure to do so may subject you to 50 percent penalty and 15 percent interest per year up to 10 years. If these conditions apply to you, you no longer qualify for the Homestead Exemption and must notify the property appraiser. The property is rented.

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