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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a copy of my Harris County divorce?

Requestors can apply for verification letters of Harris County divorce records through the Texas Department of Public Health. However, certified copies of divorce are only available from the District Clerk of Harris County. Requestors of vital records are generally required to provide picture I.D. and pay requisite fees for obtaining these records.

Where can I find court records in Harris County Texas?

The County Clerk also maintains case files for the Harris County Civil and Probate Courts, as well as, the records of the Harris County Commissioners Court. To purchase non-certified copies (without the watermark), create an account thru our website Document Search Portal and log-in.

How to find out if a marriage is legal in Harris County?

The Texas Department of Public Health maintains records of marriages that occur in the state. The Texas Department of Public Health can issue verification letters for marriages that took place in Harris County. Interested individuals can request for verification letters of marriages by submitting a completed request form to:

What are vital records in Harris County?

Harris County's vital records contain official documentation of life events that occurred within the county. The events recorded include births, deaths, marriages, and divorces. The public can access the vital records of Harris County. However, only eligible persons can obtain certified copies of Harris County Vital records.

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