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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word happen mean?

Happen is defined as to take place or occur by chance. An example of happen is running into a friend at a coffee shop.

What is the definition of happen?

Definition of happen. intransitive verb. 1 : to occur by chance —often used with it it so happens I'm going your way. 2 : to come into being or occur as an event, process, or result mistakes will happen. 3 : to do, encounter, or attain something by or as if by chance I happen to know the answer.

What is a synonym for happen?

happen, materialize, materialise(verb) come into being; become reality. "Her dream really materialized". Synonyms: encounter, materialise, fall out, bump, go on, occur, pass off, materialize, bechance, hap, chance, take place, befall, find, pass, come about.

What is another word for happening?

Another word for happening. noun. Something that happens: circumstance, event, incident, occasion, occurrence, thing. See happen. Something significant that happens: circumstance, development, episode, event, incident, news, occasion, occurrence, thing.

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