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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign into Hangouts?

Sign in On your Android phone or tablet, open the Hangouts app . Select a Google Account, or sign in to another account. Tap Sign in. Follow these steps to verify your phone number and let people find you on Hangouts. If you don't want to verify your phone number, tap Skip.

How do I login to Google Hangouts?

Steps Go to Click on your account to log into Google+. Enter your password. Click the Hangouts icon. Click on a contact. Click “Settings.” The Settings icon is at the top-right corner of the conversation window. Click the check box beside the “Hangouts history” option. Click “Save.”

How do I join Google Hangouts?

How to join a Google hangout meeting. Option A: Join from the Google calendar. 1) Access the calendar. 2) Click on the event you want to join and then click “Join meeting”. 3) You will then be at a page which is a “waiting room” of sorts, where you will be able to join whenever you desire. Option B: Join from email.

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