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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the barcode scanner?

Plug your barcode scanner into its matching port at the back of your computer. Use a Y-key dual-keyboard adapter in case you have a keyboard-type of plug at the end of the scanner cable. The adapter will allow you to plug the keyboard and the scanner into the same port.

Is a barcode scanner an input or output device?

A barcode reader, also called a price scanner or point-of-sale ( POS ) scanner, is a hand-held or stationary input device used to capture and read information contained in a bar code . A barcode reader consists of a scanner , a decoder (either built-in or external), and a cable used to connect the reader with a computer.

What are barcode scanners used for?

Barcode Scanners are used in countless applications that affect our everyday lives, such as in shopping, inventory, ticketing, medical and even in gaming. The Scanners can read and output printed barcodes to a computer and helps in automatically identifying the data and capture it for further processing as it aids...

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