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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is hallstar?

Formed in Chicago in 1986, Hallstar is a global manufacturer of chemistry solutions for the industrial polymer and beauty and personal care sectors. In the early 2000s, Hallstar began expanding through strategic acquisitions of well-known, quality industrial brands.

Why collcollaborate with hallstar?

Collaborate with Hallstar's experienced formulation chemists to create one-of-a-kind formulations that enhance performance and give your products a competitive edge. Hallstar's products are inspired by consumer trends, regulatory needs and formulation problem-solving.

Why choose hallstar polymeric esters?

New polymeric esters from Hallstar have been specifically designed to be highly compatible with low ACN (H)NBR, EPDM, TPV, TPO, PE and PP polymer compounds. The polymeric nature increases modifier permanence without sacrificing low temperature and general mechanical performance.

What is the difference between hallstar 195 and 400?

HALLSTAR DIOPLEX 195 IS AVAILABLE GLOBALLY. HALLSTAR DIOPLEX 400 is a high molecular weight adipate polymeric plasticizer. It is specifically designed for use in PVA emulsions where it imparts greater flexibility to the cured material compared to conventional monomeric plasticizer.

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