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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the data secured in Guild Wars 2?

The accessible data is secured first of all because it can only be accessed in read-only mode and for some of them, requires an authentication key (the famous API key, for example, for information relating to an account). The Guild Wars 2 API server will make the database accessible using URLs formatted in specific ways.

How many achievements are there in gwgw2 Super Adventure Box?

GW2 Super Adventure Box World 2 Achievement guide showing you how to complete all the achievements in World 2. Complete 13 achievements in the Back to School achievement category. Baby’s Second Super Adventure does not count towards this meta achievement.

What does the yellow bar in the SAB mean?

The yellow bar represents the character's endurance, or ability to dodge in order to evade attacks in the SAB (Super Adventure Box) similarly to the rest of the game.

What is sasab 2019?

SAB will run from March 28 2019 to April 18 2019. Collect 5 new items each from world 1 and world 2 to upgrade your Bomb to a Mega Bomb and your Whip to a Boomerang. Most can be done in infantile mode except for 1 item. Items will need to be collected in order as well.

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