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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Grundfos?

As a renowned pump manufacturer, Grundfos delivers efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions all over the globe. Step into our world. What are you looking for? We have a wide array of products, pump solutions and services for all applications. Select your starting point here. Browse our applications and find one that matches the task at hand.

How do I select a Grundfos pump?

Select, configure, price and quote engineered pumps and systems for industrial, municipal or commercial applications through the Grundfos Express selection tool. Search, size, select and compare standard Grundfos pumps and pre-engineered Grundfos pump systems. Find the right dosing pump for your application.

What is a Grundfos circulator pump?

Circulator pumps Grundfos circulator pumps are designed for best-in-class efficiency with low maintenance. Compared to conventional circulators, they cut energy consumption by up to 80 %, while delivering noise-free performance. Here you can find the right circulator pump for your heating, cooling and hot water recirculation needs.

Where does gogrundfos offer full-range service?

Grundfos offers full-range, nationwide service through our network of service centers and Authorized Service Partners. Have a specific question? If our FAQs page does not answer your question, get in touch with our team.

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