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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Phoenix Zoo have coupons for Zoolights?

Due to reduced capacity, SRP is not able to offer discount coupons for 2020-2021, but they are still a sponsor, but they are not issuing coupons in bills, by phone, or online. If you know about any other discount offers, please leave a comment and let us know! Do Phoenix Zoo members get in free to ZooLights?

How much does it cost to get into Zoolights?

But, if you want to purchase bulk tickets (50+), fill out this form to request them. Pricing for single ticket admission is $15, and a carload ticket for Cruise the Zoo is $56. Is there an SRP discount coupon or code for ZooLights?

Is Phoenix Zoo free with Phoenix Zoo membership?

Phoenix Zoo members receive a discount, but admission is not free for members unless they are a top donor and have received an invitation. Members get $4 off single tickets and $15 off a carload. Where do you park for ZooLights? Is parking free?

Can you drive through Phoenix Zoo Lights this year?

You have the option to walk-thru or drive-thru the Phoenix ZooLights display this year. They are calling the drive-thru experience a “Cruise Night.” Their calendar shows you which nights each experience is offered since they both aren’t available on the same night. Cruise Night tickets must be used on the night they were purchased for.

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