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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Groupon golf coupon?

This golf coupon will let you spend your free time having fun in the fresh air. Bring your friends and family and spend a day relaxing with leisure offers. Groupon lets you get the best deal on a relaxing, refreshing trip to the golf course. Enjoy the maximum savings and bring a group of people to play for a day with this golf coupon.

Should I buy my own golf equipment or use a voucher?

If you decide to buy your own golf equipment, it may be possible to find a voucher for a sports shop and get great savings that way. The possibilities are endless, but you have to make the first move by checking out the Groupon website for current leisure offers on golf vouchers.

Why book a golf voucher for a Lazy Sunday?

Unlike many sports, golf is slow-placed and isn’t particularly strenuous. Your leisure time will be even more relaxing when you bring along one of these vouchers. Golfing a great stress-reliever and a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday, and with these vouchers, your wallet can be lazy too.

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