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Frequently Asked Questions

How many units of Botox do I Need?

A: 20 units is the most common Botox dose to the 11's. The most common doseage of Botox to the glabella (the 11's) is 20 units. Patients with stronger muscles, especially men may require more, but in fact many patients use less to keep this area synchronized with the forehead, crow's feet and other areas. Dysport dosing is different.

Do you get Botox?

In the United States, the FDA has approved Botox Cosmetic for people aged 18 to 65. But you shouldn't use it if you: Are allergic to any ingredients in Botox or Botox Cosmetic. Are allergic to another botulinum toxin brand (such as Myobloc, Xeomin or Dysport) or had any side effect from these products in the past.

Is Botox a doctor?

They are doctors who are experienced in using BOTOX ® as a treatment to prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. BOTOX® Specialist. A BOTOX ® Specialist understands the full nature of Chronic Migraine. They are doctors who are experienced in using BOTOX ® as a treatment to prevent headaches...

Can you use Botox?

Important Information. You should not use Botox if you have an infection in the area where the medicine will be injected. This medicine should not be used to treat overactive bladder or incontinence if you have a current bladder infection or if you are unable to urinate (unless you routinely use a catheter).

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