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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the roles of the recorder in a group?

Recorder: Keeps a record of those who were in the group, and the roles that they play in the group. The recorder also records critical points from the small group’s discussion along with findings or answers. Spokesperson or Presenter: Presents the group’s ideas to the rest of the class.

What are the roles of the group facilitator and recorder?

3.3 Doing Cooperative learning, group roles Role name Function Group facilitator: moderates discussions, keeps the group o ... Timekeeper: monitors time and moves group along so t ... Recorder: takes notes of the group's discussion pr ... Checker: makes sure that all group members unders ... 4 more rows ...

What is the role of recorder/secretary/checker?

Recorder/Secretary: This person takes notes whenever the group meets and keeps track of group data/sources/etc. This person distributes these notes to the rest of the group highlighting sections relevant for their parts of the project. Checker: Someone needs to double-check data, bibliographic sources, or graphics for accuracy and correctness.

Is the role of recorder a low status position?

Even though a record of a group meeting may be valuable, the role of recorder is often regarded as a low-status position, since the person in the role may feel or be viewed as subservient to the other members who are able to more actively contribute to the group’s functioning.

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