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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different roles in a group?

Group theory (see, for example, Communicating in small groups: Beebe and Masterson) divides roles into three different types: Task roles: roles that help a group carry out a task. Some examples. Initiator- contributor: proposes new or different ideas or approaches. Information seeker: asks for facts or clarification.

What are group roles?

GROUP ROLES. The sets of behaviour that is expected of people in certain roles within the group. Need to be defined in case ambiguity creeps in and need to keep conflict averted. GROUP ROLES: "In his group role as manager Joe was responsible for keeping conflict at a minimum.".

What roles do people play in groups?

Groups Roles. Group members play a variety of roles in order to build and maintain relationships in groups. The Social-Emotional Leader is the person who is concerned with maintaining and balancing the social and emotional needs of the group members and tends to play many, if not all, of the roles in this category.

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