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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a groupgreeting card?

A GroupGreeting card is a digital greeting card that can be signed by multiple people (family, friends, coworkers). You create the card and tell us where and when to send it. Then you invite other people to sign by emailing them the card URL link.

How do I send a group card to someone?

1. Choose a Card. Select a group card for any occasion including Birthdays, Farewell, and more. 2. Ask People to Sign. Send the card link to friends so they can also sign the card. 3. Card is Sent. The card is sent to the recipient via email at the time and date selected.

What is groupgreeting and how can I use it?

This tool is great for birthdays when signing a physical card isn’t possible. GroupGreeting allows a group of people to virtually sign a greeting card, perfect for sending off a departing employee, with the usual fond memories.

What is the best way to send free group eCards?

One of the easiest ways of sending free group ecards. Being an HR professional, these online free group ecards are of great help to me. There is a wide range of high-quality cards for all business purposes. The quotes are written over the card, a more personal touch that the recipient appreciates.

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