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Frequently Asked Questions

What to write in a farewell card?

Farewell cards to employees or colleagues, who are among the most common recipients, might include poetic thoughts such as, "A new job is like a blank book and you are the author," or else just a simple "Good luck!". For close friends, a more personal message or quote might be appropriate, such as, "Don't cry because you are leaving.

What are some Spanish greetings?

Greetings in Spanish. In Spanish there are different ways of greeting and saying hello depending on the context of the situation, the time of day and who you are talking to. Some of the most common expressions are: Hola (informal) - Hi. - For any time of day. This is the most common greeting in Spanish.

How do you make a greeting card?

How to make a greeting card Choose a size There are several sizes to choose from, including a selection of "standard" options. Make a card with the "poster," "portrait" or "square" option for the best results. Select an eye-catching theme Choose from a wide selection of themes as a starting point for your design.

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