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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are there in the US government?

The U.S. government is always seeking employees in the medical field. The areas of work include clinical, public health, research and health policy positions. Such job titles include nurses, doctors, pharmacists, medical technologists and medical records technicians.

How to get an US government job?

9 Federal Job Search Tips That'll Help You Land That Government Job Bookmark the Best Federal Job Search Websites. First things first, go to ... Choose Positions You're Qualified For. The qualifications listed in the job announcement provide important insights into the background, training, and experience the agency seeks. Remember That Some Veterans Get a Preference. ... More items...

What jobs can you get with a government degree?

Individuals with a political science degree often find careers in journalism, and are likely to enjoy covering political news and events. Some degree holders obtain careers as public relations specialists, editors or accountants. If you enjoy working with the public, jobs are available in sales, retail and as a customer service representative.

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