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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Governor Inslee say about wearing face masks in 2021?

(Error Code: 102630) Gov. Inslee provided updated guidance on wearing face masks during a news conference on July 28, 2021. The governor said the best way to fight COVID is for everyone to get vaccinated, but in the meantime, these other measures are necessary.

What did Jay Inslee say at his press conference?

“As necessary economic activity increases and more people are out in their communities, it is imperative that we adopt further measures to protect all of us,” Inslee said during a press conference Tuesday. “Until a vaccine or cure is developed, this is going to be one of our best defenses.”

When does Washington State's mask mandate expand to include unvaccinated?

SPOKANE, Wash. – Governor Jay Inslee has announced an expansion of Washington state’s mask mandate to include both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in indoor settings beginning Aug. 23. Masks are also strongly recommended in crowded outdoor settings.

Is there a covid-19 mask mandate in Washington?

This announcement follows a surge in COVID-19 cases and a record number of hospitalizations in Washington state. The mandate aligns with a recent joint statement from health officers throughout Washington, including Interim Health Officer Dr. Francisco Velázquez, urging everybody to wear masks indoors and a recent update to CDC guidance.

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