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Frequently Asked Questions

How to lose weight on a gout diet?

Eat Well/Hire a Nutritionist. Cutting out foods like sugar, processed foods, and trans/hydrogenated fats will not only help you lose weight, but they will also help your body lower inflammation. Since gout is an inflammatory condition, this is a win/win. Make sure you are not including too many high purine foods in your diet.

What are some foods to eat on the gout diet?

What foods should be included? Plant proteins. Beans and legumes are excellent protein sources. ... Dairy and non-dairy substitutes. Some people find that dairy may increase their gout symptoms, while others experience a decrease in uric acid levels with low-fat dairy intake. Fruits and vegetables. ...

What fast food can I eat with gout?

Fast food can also trigger digestive problems for gout sufferers like acid reflux, which I’ve personally suffered from but keep it in check with apple cider vinegar or irritable bowel syndrome. Fast food is usually deep fried and the oil gets deposited on the walls of your stomach lining increasing your acid production.

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