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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view photos on my Kindle?

View photos on your Kindle Fire HD. There are three main actions you can perform to view pictures: Tap to open an album and view the pictures within it. Tap a picture to make it appear full screen. Swipe left or right to move through pictures in an album. You can also tap the E-Mail button in the Options bar while in Photos to e-mail...

How do you Put Photos on Kindle Fire?

Open the Kindle Fire folder (titled "Kindle") on your computer, and then open the Internal storage folder. Drag and drop your photos into the Photos folder or personal videos into the Movies folder. Disconnect your Kindle Fire from your computer.

Where are saved images on Kindle?

The Silk Web browser is also capable of saving images from the Internet on the Kindle. Images are stored in the tablet's Downloads folder; you can view them using the Gallery app. You can also transfer downloaded images to your computer via a USB connection.

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