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Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't my photos showing up in my backup?

It can be possible that the photos weren't uploaded successfully to Google Photos (cloud) and also make sure you're logged in to Google Photos with the same Google Account that you used during the backup.

Are my photos backed up on Google Photos?

On my computer, via, they are not. (They are not in the Google Drive folder for Google Photos either; they are backed up in their respective folders as uploaded.

Why are my photos not showing up on my Google Photos?

1 The Google Photos app on mobile devices also acts as a viewer for the photos on your device. ... 2 Check in the mobile app under Settings > Backup and sync whether Backup & sync is turned ON for the account you are signed in to on the computer. ... 3 The photos may be in a folder on the phone that is not set to "Sync". ... More items...

How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos?

Open the Google Photos app. Tap on the hamburger menu and select Settings. Tap Back up & sync. Choose Back up device folders. Toggle On all folders you want to back up. 3. Check the Archive and Trash Bin Now, what if you’ve already successfully uploaded photos, but they’re nowhere to be found?

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