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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create albums in Google Photos?

Google Photos has no "folders". They have "Albums" which do not really contain photos, but only links to photos. Unfortunately it is not possible to create albums within an album. What you can do is collect a list of albums somewhere (and share if you want), for example in a Google Doc. See example (but you can keep it more simple)

Does Google Photos support nested albums?

As Google Photos does not support nested albums, it will name albums like "Level1: Level2: Level3" if your directory structure is Level1/Level2/Level3. The app works on Windows, Linux and macOS, and is now quite mature.

How flat are Google photo albums?

Actually Google albums are not flat at all. Google albums, unlike a mono dimensional folder structure, are totally dynamic and uses tagging in that you can have one photo in many albums. A photo of your Mum in Rome in 2013 can be included in your Mum's album AND your Holiday in Rome album AND your 2013 album.

How do I add or remove photos from an album?

Open an album. At the top right, click More Options. Under "Automatically add photos," click the person's picture. Click Stop. If you remove someone, new photos of them won’t be added. Any existing photos will stay in the album. Note: Face-grouping technology isn’t perfect.

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