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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out about the Tokyo Olympics Games?

You can even say, “Hey Google, tell me a fun fact about the games in Tokyo.” Whether you’re using your phone, speaker, TV or other enabled device, Google Assistant will have all the important details. Plus, in the U.S., NBC is bringing an exclusive game to the Google Assistant.

What's new at Google search during the Olympics?

Google is also rolling out updates to Search, adding details on Olympics searches including medal counts and daily video recaps. Along with updated searches, Google's virtual assistant will host a new game called NBC Sports Trivia tied to the Summer Games. The Tokyo Olympics kick off Friday.

What happened to the Tokyo Paralympics 2020?

Today on September 5th, the Tokyo Paralympics wound up its last event and to commemorate the event's conclusion, Google released a special Doodle. The Doodle Champion Island Games premiered with the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and again returned in August to honour the Tokyo Paralympics 2020. The Paralympics began on August 24 and ends today, September 5.

What games does Google Doodle display during the Paralympics?

During the Paralympics, Google Doodle featured a variety of games on an animated Champion Island. Since the commencement of the Paralympics, Google Doodle has released a number of animated games which included archery, tennis, swimming, shooting, table tennis as well as the marathon.

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