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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aim of the game Minesweeper?

Aim of the Game. The object of Minesweeper is a simple one - to clear a minefield without getting blown up in the process. The problem for the player is that you do not know where the mines are and must uncover them by removing one square at a time, trying not to select a square that is hiding a mine.

How do you play the game Minesweeper?

To play Minesweeper, click anywhere on the board to start the game. Then, click another square. When you start seeing numbers, recognize that the number denotes how many mines are touching that square. If you think that a square might definitely haves a mine underneath of it, right click on it to flag the square.

What is the goal of minesweeper?

The goal of Minesweeper is to find where all the mines (bombs) are within a specific field of squares. To help you, the game shows a number in a square which tells you how many mines there are adjacent to that square.

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