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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a multi-city flight?

Step-by-step: Here's how to book flights with multiple cities The first thing you need to do is select the "multi-city" option at the top of the search panel. ... Now that the system knows you are looking to spread your wings in multiple cities, you can select up to six legs of your journey. ... Add the second and third destinations and travel dates. ... More items...

How do you book a flight on Google?

Choose a flight for each part of your trip. Choose how you’ll book the flight: When you click Select for your ticket(s), you’ll usually be taken to the airline’s website or online travel agency to complete the transaction. If you choose Book on Google, you can complete the transaction without leaving Google.

Is Google Flights any good?

Overall, Google Flights has some nice features, despite its basic functionality. It pulls not only the cheapest flights, but also the best flights for travelers. Clients can search by airline, cost, airport, travel time, and seat type (economy or first class), making it quick and easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

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