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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Pogo games on Google Chrome?

April 16, 2015. The Google Chrome Browser (version 42.xx and above) no longer directly supports the Java platform. Pogo has been slowly converting games from Java to Flash for a while now, but unfortunately for us Pogo players, there are still more than a handful of Pogo’s games using Java technology.

How do you play games on a Chromebook?

How to tell if a game will work on your Chromebook. If you go to a game site, and you can click “Play” and start playing, that should work. If you get to the site and the only option is “Download,” then it won’t work on ChromeOS. The surest way to find out if a game will work on ChromeOS is to search the name of your game plus system requirements.

Can I Play Google Play Games?

In order to install Google Play Games, you will need to have a Google account which will associate BlueStacks with the Google Play Store. You can register with your existing Google+ account. If you do not have one yet, you will need to create one.

Can you play games on Chrome Book?

A lot of Chromebooks now feature support for Play Store apps and Play Store games, so we’ve decided to start introducing games to our list that are proven to be playable on Chromebooks this way.

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