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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my furnace pressure switch open?

Your furnace pressure switch may be open because of a disconnected pressure switch hose, blocked venting, or a failing pressure switch. Fixing this usually proves to be easy and inexpensive. When your furnace is in use, gases are created in the combustion chamber.

What does Code 3 (3 Flashes) mean on a Goodman furnace?

I have a Goodman furnace [GMH950904CXAA]. I keep getting the code 3 (3 FLASHES - Pressure Switch Stuck Closed). It did this about 4 days ago and I found a chunk of debris in a line that runs to a pressure switch.

How to tell if pressure switch is open or closed?

With power applied and no inducer running, if it's stuck closed it will be be 0 vac and when open 24 vac, +/-. You can confirm 100% by shutting power, disconnecting one lead and checking resistance. Pressure switch should be open without the inducer running. are you sure about the error code?

Why is the pressure switch stuck closed on my Kenmore range?

When it thows a stuck pressure switch error, you should check the voltage drop across it or disconnect it and ohm out. If it's truly stuck closed, you need to replace the pressure switch. It needs to be open until the draft inducer comes on. The leakage based on location could be a failed gasket or even the drain line connection.

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