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Frequently Asked Questions

What is goldengolden Opportunities International?

Golden Opportunities International, LLC is a work placement service that assists United States employers in the agricultural business find hard-working, reliable employees. We recruit English speaking people from South Africa and Mexico who want to come to the United States and work.

How many states does golden opportunities represent?

We cover the entire United States and can help employers from any of the states. We currently represent employers from 29 different states and always looking to expand and grow our service area. Here are a few statistics from a survey rating Golden Opportunities! Are satisfied or very satisfied with our service.

How has our farm management changed with golden opportunities?

Our farm management has changed for the better with the help of Golden Opportunities. This is my second year of working abroad through Golden Opportunities. Both times have been easy and trouble free. I am impressed with the way Golden Opportunities handled all the extra documentation and responsibilities related to Covid 19.

What does an HR Officer DO at Golden Opportunities?

There he worked himself into the position of Chief HR Officer where he implemented many new process improvement ideas. Golden Opportunities recruited him to return to the company to bring his innovation and passion for people to the organization. He handles the filing process for employers with all agencies.

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