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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of goalie?

goalkeeper, goalie, goaltender, netkeeper, netminder(noun) the soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal. goalkeeper, goalie, goaltender, netkeeper(noun) the defensive position on an ice hockey or soccer or lacrosse team who stands in front of the goal and tries to prevent opposing players from scoring.

Can a goalie shoot a goal?

A goalkeeper can score by either shooting the puck into the net, or being awarded the goal as the last player on his team to touch the puck when an opponent scored an own goal.

Is it dangerous to goalie?

To a very close approximation, a goalie has zero protection on his sides and back. No shoulder or rib protection, nothing protecting the spine or back, only that which is absolutely required to stop a puck. When involved in a collision, wearing goalie gear can be far more dangerous than wearing nothing at all.

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