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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GIS a good career?

Fact is the people doing the most intensive and 'GIS-ey' things today are programmers. tl:dr-yes GIS is a good career choice, but not in the way universities define it. Major in CS and GIS and you'll do just fine.

How to find internships in GIS?

GIS internships can be found through websites that compile jobs such as Indeed, Glassdoor, If you are a college student, then your school might be on a great career resource like Handshake. Networking with professors at your school and nearby community professionals are also great resources to find an internship.

What are GIS careers?

The starting point in building a successful career in GIS is a solid education. This involves taking classes in cartography, GIS, spatial analysis, database management, web technologies, and programming.

How do I become a GIS specialist?

In order to become a GIS specialist, a person typically either completes a GIS certificate program or earns a bachelor's degree in geography, GIS, environmental science, or a related major. Many employers give hiring preference to individuals who've earned bachelor's degrees in geography or GIS instead of certificates.

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