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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the perfect female body shape?

For women, there are four main kinds of body shapes: The Apple Shape: Apple shaped women gain weight in the midsection, rear and face. ... The Pear Shape: Pear shapes usually gain weight in the rear or thighs. ... The Wedge Shape: The wedge or inverted triangle shaped women gain weight around the shoulders and bust. ... The Hourglass: Hourglass shapes gain weight proportionally in the hips, thighs and chest. ...

What is the ideal height for women?

The average man prefers a woman who is 5’6”. They consider 4’11” or shorter too short, and 6’0” or taller too tall. For the average woman, the ideal height of a man is 5’11”. Women tend to say that a man of 5’4” or shorter is too short, and a romantic partner over 6’3” is too tall.

What are the body shapes of women?

Body Shapes Of Women The Straight Body Shape. You know you have a straight body type if you have the same measurements for all sections of your body. Pear Body Shape. If you have large hips and a tiny bust, you have a pear body shape or triangle-shaped body. ... Apple Body Shape. ... Spoon Body Shape. ... Hourglass Body Shape. ... Inverted Triangle Body Shape. ... Oval Body Shape. ... More items...

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