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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your review of Geostorm?

Geostorm is a disaster of a film. Both ice cold with its one-dimensional characters and blazing hot with its stupidity. A raucous tsunami of unappealing visual effects that never strike a balance between political thriller and global disaster blockbuster. It's hailed as an outdated illogical mess, and I for one agree.

Who is the director of Geostorm 2017?

Geostorm is a 2017 American disaster film directed, co-written, and co-produced by Dean Devlin in his feature film directorial debut.

Is Geostorm a washout?

^ "Geostorm review – Gerard Butler's dull disaster movie is a washout". The Guardian. 2017-10-20. Retrieved 2021-08-19. ^ Clarke, Donald.

How is Geostorm on Rotten Tomatoes?

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval percentage of 16% based on 91 reviews and an average rating of 3.60 out of 10. The critics consensus reads: "Lacking impressive visuals, well-written characters, or involving drama, Geostorm aims for epic disaster-movie spectacle but ends up simply being a disaster of a movie."

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