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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Geostorm and how was it stopped?

The Geostorm was first witnessed in 2019. The Geostorm had caused a series of natural disasters ranging from heatwaves, storms, and tsunamis. However, the Geosotrm was stopped thanks to a new creation called Dutchboy, which was used to neutalized the Geostorm and control the Earth hemispheres to prevent another Geostorm from occurring again.

What is egeostorm?

Geostorm is a simple and ergonomic web application, allowing the creation of enhanced maps and is the essential tool for decision making and localized data analyzing. Multi-domain (hydro, oceano, aero, ...) Geostorm was designed to make your life easier in your geospatial daily activity.

Is Geostorm better than the Weather Channel?

^ "Review: 'Geostorm' proves less thrilling than the Weather Channel". Los Angeles Times. 2017-10-20. Retrieved 2021-08-17. ^ "Geostorm review – Gerard Butler's dull disaster movie is a washout". The Guardian. 2017-10-20. Retrieved 2021-08-19. ^ Clarke, Donald. "Geostorm: the second-worst storm you'll experience this week". The Irish Times.

Where can I deploy Geostorm?

Intended to facilitate collaborative work, Geostorm can be deployed on your private cloud or be used directly via our SaaS platform. Thanks the use of new technologies, access your data incredibly fast.

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