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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the activation product key for Windows 10?

To activate Windows 10 by entering your Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 product key: Step 1: Open Settings app. Step 2: Click Update and security. Step 3: Click Activation. Step 4: Enter your Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 product key and then click Next button to activate your Windows 10.

Is Windows 10 professional?

Windows 10 Professional. Windows 10 Pro, which is a bit more tricked out than the Home system, is a great solution for small businesses looking to upgrade their outdated OS with increased functionality and features. It provides everything from an easy migration process to increased security and everything in between.

What is a generic product key?

Generic keys. Generic Keys is a way to define keys between tables in a more general way so that their values can represent other things than individual key values; they can represent groups of key values or any key value. As an example, you can combine product IDs, product group IDs and a symbol for all products into one key field.

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