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Frequently Asked Questions

Are carne guisada tacos at Garcia's good?

“ The Carne Guisada tacos were good but very expensive; $5 a taco is not conducive to someone who has a big family. Although the food is great, we will not be going back due to the prices. ” “ Food was delicious. Some of the best fajitas I've had in a while. ” “ I love love love how Garcia's provides guac, pico, and sour cream on the side.

What kind of food does Garcia’s have?

We hope that every dining experience here at Garcia’s is a pleasant one. Two beef or chicken tacos served with rice, refried beans, and one tortilla. Two chalupas served with rice and refried beans. Substitute beef, chicken or guacamole.

When was Garcia's restaurant founded?

The first Garcia's Restaurant was established over 25 years ago (1988) in San Marcos, Texas. Today we are still serving authentic Mexican favorite in Central Texas, so come on by and see why we're the best choice.

Why choose casa Garcia’s?

Come experience our warm and inviting atmosphere, with hints of tradition, like talavera, decorative Mexican plates, Mariachi music. You will feel right at home at Casa Garcia’s!

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